Focused on Short docu-narrative stories

We produce a wide range of videos for large corporate clients to the everyday person looking to brand themselves or capture an important event in their life. In this modern world of mobile media, every second of screen time counts and therefore we make sure to optimize our videos in a short but powerful format so that it may be easily accessed, viewed and shared online via the social web on all devices. We focus on capturing the attention of our audience by infusing an authentic documentary style of story telling with a semi-scripted narrative format of execution. Thus, staying true to the story and entertaining the audience with cinematic film elements at the same time. This format can be applied to all types of video productions across the board; from Commercial Films to Wedding Videography.


Most of us spend a great portion of our day staring at a screen. We live our lives online where technological advancements have provided platforms for many to have a voice, create beautiful images and share content that represent who we are.

Through our creative approach we can help you:

  • Conceptualize a creative and practical course of action for your film production needs - from script to screen.
  • Capture the most captivating images that compliment your integrity and values.
  • Amplify your brand personality and portray your identity with eloquence and craft.
  • Discover how powerful your story can be.

Film Production services include Commercial Films, Music Videos, Wedding Videography and more.



Everyone loves a great photo of themselves and we love capturing them. Whether it's for business purposes, celebration or just for fun - we'd love to capture your smile or dramatic pose. 

Through our creative approach we can help you:

  • Utilize the best location and lighting setup for our shoot.
  • Feel confident in front of the camera.
  • Discover your best side in the process.
  • Capture the perfect photo(s) that compliment the theme or occasion.

Photography services include Lifestyle Portraiture, Headshots, Concert Photography and more.