This is an opportunity for you to share your music with us, along with any initial ideas for the music video you want to hire us to create. Once we have these essential details, we can form our music video treatment and decide on the best course of action creatively and technically so that we can properly quote you.

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Legal Name
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We understand that you are here to get a proper quote but please give us a heads up if you've set a number to your financial investment so we can make sure to cater production assets accordingly.
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Try using a traditional pitch method in which you tell us as much as you can in a few sentence - rather than a full essay breakdown. Write "N/A" if you're unsure and looking for complete video direction from us. We like to collaborate with each Artist to make something unique - but we especially love to use our creative direction to lead each video into something you may not have originally thought about.
Write in "N/A" if you're unsure.